Captain America: Civil War de eerste reacties

Het langverwachte Captain America: Civil War is binnenkort in de bioscoop te zien. Toch heeft een groepje critici (en fans) hem al kunnen aanschouwen via vroege persvoorstellingen.

Captain America: Civil War de eerste reacties

Hieronder een aantal tweets van critici:

Ook hebben we nog een aantal mini-recensies:

Devin Faraci: “Black Panther is incredible. Boseman plays him as both regal and full of rage. The most serious character in the film…. The movie is bigger in scale than ‘Winter Soldier’ but is so much more personal. The stakes are incredibly emotional….You have only seen 1% of the airport fight. The action is incredible. There’s a staircase fight that turns into a chase that’s an all timer…the last fight between Steve and Tony is unlike anything you’ve seen in a Marvel movie. They’re both right. You just want them. to stop fighting. It packs a serious emotional punch… One last last thing: this movie plays like a repudiation of ‘Batman v Superman’. A devastating reply.”

Jim Vejvoda: “I have to admit it. Captain America: Civil War a letdown after the high of Winter Soldier. It’s a better, smarter version of BvS. -SPOILER REMOVED- is another wasted Marvel villain whose scheme is, while not as crazy as Lex’s, isn’t much more coherent or less convoluted. Spider-Man is both the best & most expendable part of Civil War. I want to see more of him & movie never recovers from him leaving it. Big airport brawl is great fun & Civil War sort of limps to the finish line after that. Panther is very cool. Want to see more of him too. Unsure if people will find third ‘Cap’ as fun as trailers sell it. Tony was far more morose than I expected. Parts of movie work better than whole. Civil War is not a bad film at all. But it’s not the great movie I’d hoped it would be. It’s a good movie with many OK & a few great moments.”

Mike Sampson: “I’m trying not to talk about ‘Civil War’ by comparing it to BvS, but it’s hard. It succeeds because it’s exactly what that film is not: FUN…. The big battle scene in #CivilWar is an absolute blast. Spider-Man, as you’d expect, steals the show. Ant-Man, as you might not, a close 2nd…. Civil War and BvS tackle some of the same themes and have similar beats, yet Cap works because we know and care about these characters.”

Germain Lussier: “Captain America: Civil War is a complex mystery posing a big, fun superhero film. Lots of themes and emotions. Very unexpected & very good. I’ll also admit, after one viewing, I have some small issues with the film. I’m guessing they’ll shrink after a second viewing to unpack them though.”

Chris Tilly: “So Captain America: Civil War is pretty good. Spider-Man and the airport brawl are pretty great… Black Panther is really, regally bad-ass… A superhero movie can definitely have too many characters… Did I say Spider-Man is great? Because Spider-Man is great. (Though feels like the retrofitted the movie to include him). Really great. You know how the villains aren’t that great in the MCU? Yeah that.”

Steve Weintraub: “‘Captain America: Civil War’ is a Barry Bonds steroids hitting home-run by Marvel & Russo Brothers. And I loved Spider-Man in the film… the film has such incredible action set pieces because you care about the people fighting. It’s not just punching bad guys.”

Kevin McCarthy: “At 8pm, ‘Winter Soldier’ was my favorite MCU film. Roughly 2.5 hours later, CIVIL WAR is now #1. Action masterpiece. ‘Spider-Man!!!’ #NerdTears.”

Kevin Polowy: “#CaptainAmericaCivilWar delivers the goods. Endless Avenger v Avenger action. Tense and still funny. Boseman kills it as Black Panther.”

Monika Scott: “There’s a pretty cool gratuitous Cap-bicep scene in CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR is this a helpful review?”

Captain America: Civil War gaat verder waar Age of Ultron eindigde. Steve Rogers geeft leiding aan een nieuw team van Avengers, die nog altijd proberen de mensheid te beschermen. Nadat uit een nieuw internationaal incident grote schade voortkomt, groeit de politieke druk om een systeem van aansprakelijkheid te installeren. Er zou dan ook een regeringsinstantie opgericht worden. De nieuwe status quo drijft de Avengers uit elkaar, terwijl ze het op moeten nemen tegen een nieuwe bedreiging.

De cast van Civil War bestaat uit Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr, Scarlett Johansson, Paul Bettany, Jeremy Renner, Don Cheadle, Frank Grillo, Sebastian Stan, Elizabeth Olsen, Chadwick Boseman, Emily VanCamp, Daniel Brühl, Anthony MackieTom Holland en Martin Freeman. Captain America: Civil War werd geschreven door Christopher Markus en Stephen McFeely en zal geregisseerd worden door Anthony en Joe Russo. De film draait vanaf 5 mei 2016 in de bioscopen. Ben jij Team Cap of Team Iron Man?