Hebben originele films nog kans van slagen?


Ondanks een aantal positieve recensies had de film American Ultra een minder dan verwacht weekend aan de box office. De scenarist van de film, Max Landis, was erg teleurgesteld. Hij begon zich af te vragen of originele films nog wel kans van slagen hebben in de bioscoop.

Landis zag dat de film ondanks de marketing, recensies en hoofdrolspelers “lost [at the box office] to a sequel, a sequel reboot, a biopic, a sequel, and a reboot.” De andere grote releases van het weekend, Sinister 2 en Hitman: Agent 47, hadden beide slechtere recensies maar brachten meer geld op. Via Twitter uitte de scenarist zijn frustratie:

“So here’s an interesting quiestion: American Ultra finished dead last at the box office, behind even Mission Impossible and Man From Uncle. American Ultra was also beaten by the critically reviled Hitman Agent 47 and Sinister, despite being a better reviewed film than either. Which leads me to a bit of a conundrum: Why? American Ultra had good ads, big stars, a fun idea, and honestly, it’s a good movie. Certainly better, in the internet’s opinionm than other things released the same day. If you saw it, you probably didn’t hate it. So I’m left with an odd thing here, which is that American Ultra lost to a sequel, a sequel reboot, a biopic, a sequel and a reboot. It seems the reviews didn’t even matter, the MOVIE didn’t matter.”

Hij vervolgde: “The argument that can/will be made is: big level original ideas don’t $. The question is: has that changed? I wish I could say Ultras was a bad movie, but it isn’t. Divisive, sure. But better than others this week. Am I wrong? Is trying to make original movies in a big way just not a valid career path anymore for anyone but Tarantino and Nolan? That’s the question: Am I wrong? Are original ideas over? I wanted to pose this to the public, because I feel, put lightly, confused. I feel like I learned a lesson, here, but have no idea what it is. I once joked “there’s only so many times people will go see Thor 2.” For the longest time, my belief was that the 80s/90s were the golden age of movies; you never knew what you were going to get. Now, I’m not so sure. Got to get back to work on my TV shows. Which are both adaptations. Go see American Ultra, it’s really good.”

Wat vinden jullie? Heeft Landis hier een punt? Of is hij slechts zuur vanwege de tegenvallende opbrengsten?