Kevin Feige over Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange krijgt in Marvels Phase Three of Four een eigen film. Kevin Feige sprak tijdens een interview over zijn favoriete Marvel-personage en een mogelijke releasedatum. Hij vertelde:

“So, we’re in 2014 now… It’s time. It’s time. I would be surprised if that were the case, yeah. Maybe three or four years, yeah, we’ll see. But, I would like it to be the case. Much like Vin Diesel, I like it when something finally happens, and then we can talk about what it is — versus rumors of what it could be or should be or isn’t yet [laughs].”

Wat een Doctor Strange film bemoeilijk is de hoeveelheid magie die een rol speelt. Feige zei hierover:

“Are you watching the Cosmos series? That’s magic, [the quantum physics]. It’s unbelievable. If somebody knew how to tap into that stuff, what’s the difference between that and magic? You don’t get into it in Harry Potter, but if a scientist went to Hogwarts he’d find out how some of that stuff is happening! We’re not going to spend a lot of time on that, but there will be some of that. And particularly for a character like Strange, who goes from a man of science to a man of faith and who traverses both worlds. And sometimes there won’t be an answer! Sometimes he’ll want an answer – ‘How is this happening?!’ – and nothing.”

Tot slot had Feige nog een interessante vergelijking voor Doctor Strange:

“Doctor Strange needs to be a Ditko/Kubrick/Miyazaki/The Matrix mind-trip.”