Michael Douglas wil meer doen in het Marvel Universum



Michael Douglas heeft op het moment enorm veel succes met zijn rol Hank Pym in de nieuwe Marvel film Ant-Man. In een interview met Yahoo sprak hij over zijn toekomst in het Marvel Cinematic Universe en de veranderingen aan het script door Adam McKay.

“I had seen enough of both Marvel films and other comic book films with my kids to say, ‘Why didn’t they ever offer me one of those? This looks pretty cool. As a producer, I love to do these kinds of special effects. When it came, along with about two years of the ‘Ant-Man’ comics to learn a little bit about the Hank Pym character and I started getting into it… my son grabbed the script from me and said, ‘Is this Ant-Man?… Dad, you don’t have to read it. Just do it — this is a whole new audience for you.’ He was like my agent! I took them to heart and looked at it and here we are. I’m having a ball.”


Over zijn toekomst bij Marvel studio onthulde hij het volgende: “I’m not signed up to anything more. If it comes up… I’ve really enjoyed the experience. They’re an amazing group, this whole Marvel family. I’ve learned a whole lot and would look forward to more if it comes my way, but — if not — I’ve enjoyed the experience… I think in this one I had to carry a lot of plot and exposition. In the next one, I hope things get a little more bizarre… the Quantum Realm!”

Douglas sprak ook over de veranderingen in het script in de tijd tussen Edgar Wright’s vertrek en Adam Mckay’s komst: “The family relationship dynamics are the same, the caper — having the whole sense of it being a caper — existed, Paul [Rudd]’s coming out of a jail was in the original, and the third act break in was all pretty much there in principle. It was a little more characterization.”

Maar “Paul [Rudd] and Adam [McKay’s] re-write bought a lot more humor. I accused Paul of bringing a lot more humor to his character! Michael Pena can take care of himself. I, on the other hand, was left giving the exposition and the plot, which I was happy to do.”

Je kunt Michael Douglas nu zien als Hank Pym in Ant-Man in een bioscoop bij jou in de buurt.