Philippa Boyens over The Hobbit: There And Back Again

The Hobbit

Philippa Boyens is wellicht niet zo bekend als Peter Jackson, maar haar rol in The Lord of the Rings trilogie en vervolgens The Hobbit is cruciaal. De medeschrijfster en producent laat zich nu los over de epische franchise terwijl deze zich naar een conclusie begeeft:

“I can legitimately say right now that the third film doesn’t exist. Pete’s cutting it. As an entity, it’s coming together. Actually that’s not true – we have a rough assembly, so to speak, of the shape of the film and the performances. I am excited, because one of the storylines I care a lot about is the Thorin one.”

Toen haar gevraagd werd naar de reden van de Lake-town cliffhanger, legde Boyens uit dat dit een natuurlijke split was van het verhaal en een einde van de tweede film:

“It felt so natural that I got a shock when the audience got a shock! If you can imagine what transpires next and what’s coming, it’s quite a huge chunk of storytelling. Not only that, but you enter into the tone of the third film, which is very definitely – as is the book, by the way – moving towards the world of Middle-earth as it becomes in Lord Of The Rings. Some dark stuff goes on.”

Ten slotte liet ze zich los over de keuze om de groep dwergen van elkaar te scheiden:

“We made that decision [so we would] experience the attack on Lake-town through the eyes of people we’ve come a long way with. We wanted some of the dwarves to understand what happened in that firestorm, that holocaust that rains down upon Lake-town. Bofur (James Nesbitt) comes more into his own in the third film. A rift begins to open up. And I can’t say much more without going into spoilers for film three, but it’s primarily because we needed him to be there when the dragon attacks.”

De derde en laatste deel van The Hobbit trilogie is te zien vanaf 17 december.