Nieuwe plotdetails Pirates of the Carribean 5

Pirates of the Carribean 5

Een paar maanden geleden werd bekend dat er enkele plotdetails boven water waren gekomen van Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. Vandaag kunnen we melden dat er nog meer details zijn vrijgegeven.

“Jack and his team are in search of The Trident, which Keith [Richards’] Teague holds valuable information to. The villain this time is Captain Brand… [he] wants the Trident so he can get his revenge on Jack. Brand believes Jack turned his brother Eric into a pirate, which led to his death.”

Bronnen zeggen dat niemand minder dan Christoph Waltz interesse heeft getoond om de schurk Captain Brand te spelen:

“Also in Dead Men Tell No Tales, Jack becomes enchanted by Barbosa’s daughter, Carina Smyth. She’s a beautiful woman in her late 30s who is called a witch by some but is really an adept astronomer.”