Producenten over Venom en Sinister Six

Venom en Sinister Six

Over een paar weken is The Amazing Spider-Man 2 te zien in de bioscoop. Naar alle waarschijnlijkheid zal de franchise vervolgens worden uitgebreid met twee spin-off films. Deze films zullen draaien om de personages Venom en de Sinister Six. The Amazing Spider-Man regisseur Marc Webb vertelde in een interview:

“We’ve been talking about how to make this universe even bigger, and really get underneath the skin of all the incredible characters. The cinematic possibilities of all these storylines are just magnificent. We’ve got some of the greatest writing minds around – they’re all young, and everyone’s really enthusiastic, and they’re all fans. It’s a really great group of people who care very deeply about this. I can’t imagine a more interesting situation – you get all those guys in a room and they’re incredibly smart.”

Producent Matt Tolmach vertelde:

“That’s the new thing that we constructed. We brought in [Alex] Kurtzman and [Bob] Orci and [Jeff] Pinkner on this last movie as the writers and we fell in love with that dynamic. We were all so enamoured of the script they wrote, and just the spirit of the collaboration, that we decided that there are all these other stories to tell: not just Spider-Man movies but the ones that we’ve announced, The Sinister Six and Venom, and they all come from the same place. We realised it would be really good in terms of storytelling to have a grand scheme for where and how these stories grow out of the centrepiece, which is always Spider-Man.”

Op de vraag of The Sinister Six een moeilijk te verkopen film is, daar het gaat over een groep slechteriken zei Tolmach:

“It’s a challenge in every sense. Obviously questions of traditional hero/villain dynamics have to be looked at. At the same time it’s an awesome challenge, because some of the greatest characters are in fact villains, and how you construct that is so much fun. People love those bad characters if they’re good bad characters, and love to watch them. And nobody’s all good, nobody’s all bad, and so where we end up with that story, I think, is a really awesome challenge, and we all smile when we think about what you can do. It’s definitely a bad-ass group of people and I think it’s going to be a ton of fun to watch them.”

Ook producent Avi Ara wilde ingaan op het verhaal:

“Yeah, I think it’s a fair statement. With Marvel characters, the villains are victims of circumstance. If you look at our villains, none of them were born like that. Our villains are nice and complex and in the world of film writing you can play with that, you can make some wonderful things out of it. The Spider-Man universe has amazing villains, they are all character driven.”

Vervolgens ging hij in op Venom:

“Venom hated only one guy – Spider-Man. He wasn’t innately bad, he was a shortcut guy, not really into fighting hard for achievement. That’s the Venom story. Can he also be a good guy? As you know, Venom was also called ‘lethal defender of the innocent’. We had a great history with him, especially caring for the homeless, which is a very sensitive issue and something that many of us are very concerned with. Our villains all represent a different side of the misunderstood, and some of them unfortunately turned to the dark side. Venom happened to be a phenomenal character.”

Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci en Ed Solomon schrijven op dit moment het scenario van de Venom. Kurtzman zal die film regisseren. Verder schrijft Drew Goddard op dit moment aan het scenario van The Sinister Six, een film die hij ook zal regisseren.