Dutch Angle Dragon Ball | A fan manga

Dutch Angle Dragon Ball is a manga by fans, about fans and for fans of the Dragon Ball franchise. It is a non-profit project, and the creators do not claim ownership of the Dragon Ball name. For the manga purists out there, we also want to point out that this story is completely separate from the Dragon Ball canon. But hopefully you understand that this already speaks for itself, since there is no single official Dragon Ball canon to begin with.


Dutch Angle Dragon Ball Volume 2

Dutch Angle Dragon Ball | A fan manga 2

Read Dutch Angle Dragon Ball Volume 1

About the project

We thank Akira Toriyama, Toei Animation and Shueisha for inspiring this work.

This manga is a production of E-Hoek (www.entertainmenthoek.nl).


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The E-Hoek team has collaborated  with the Facebook page Dragonballsupermovienl. Thanks to their work the film Dragon Ball Super: Broly will also get a Dutch theatrical release. Visit their page:


We would also like to thank the people behind the Facebook group Dragon Ball Z NL for the exposure they’re giving to our manga. Visit their group:



Script: Sandro Algra and Martijn Pijnenburg

Artwork: Sandro Algra

Inspired by the work of: Akira Toriyama

Dragon Ball is owned by: Bird Studio/Shueisha