Jon Favreau loopt boos weg bij The Lion King interview

Na het gigantische succes van Disney’s live-action/CGI remake van The Jungle Book werd van de week bekend dat regisseur Jon Favreau een andere Disney film dezelfde behandeling mag geven. Het gaat om een remake van de megahit uit 1994 The Lion King. Tijdens een recent bezoek aan theater Tushinski van Amsterdam kreeg de kans om hem te interviewen. Sandro Algra was aanwezig om met hem te praten over zijn nieuw project. Helaas verliep het interview niet helemaal zoals gepland. Favreau raakte al snel geïrriteerd en liep weg.

Sandro Algra: “The Lion King was re-released in 3D only a couple of years ago, plus there’s a tv-series on the air. So why do a remake now?”

Jon Favreau: “Well, it’s still a great story an entire generation grew up with. I’m planning to retell this for a new generation, while also maintaining it fresh for older audiences. A couple of subtle changes to the plot, as well as a few aesthetic choices will hopefully set this version apart.”

SA: “Is there anything you could tell us about that?”

JF: “After a first screen test I figured we should make Simba a white lion. It’ll make him stand out in the pride as well as give the movie a more unique look.”

SA: “Speaking of looks. Some viewers noticed similarities between your adaptation of The Jungle Book and The Lion King: like the stampede scene, the big fire at the climax and the fact that the villain is a big cat with a scar.”

JF: “I didn’t read Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book, but I was told the stampede was directly taken from the book. Mowgli did use fire to battle Shere Khan. And the scar… well… Shere Khan originally had a lame forepaw, but that wouldn’t make him a menacing villain would it?”

SA: “So you were just sticking to the source material?”

JF: “Yes, I believe I was… mostly.”

SA: “I see, will The Lion King also stay true to the source material? Like would you consider renaming Simba Kimba?”

JF: “Who’s Kimba?”

SA: “Never mind… Anyway, keeping up with the tradition of your Jungle Book adaptation: will The Lion King feature the classic songs from the original?”

JF: “Certainly! My personal favourites are Be our Guest, If you wish upon a Star and We are Siamese (If you please)?”

SA: “Strange, I don’t recall those being featured in the The Lion King.”

JF: “I’m pretty sure they are!”

SA:”Will your movie at least keep the spirit of the original intact?”

JF: “Yes yes, of course! I’m positive we’ll be able to traumatize every child in the audience. Especially when Simba’s mother get’s shot.”

SA: “Aren’t you referring to Bambi?”

JF: “Am I?”

SA: “It’s the father who dies in The Lion King.”

JF: “I haven’t seen the movie yet, so please no more spoilers!”

SA: “You haven’t seen it? Shouldn’t you prepare for a project like this one?”

JF: “Look, I’ve been getting that question for over 25 YEARS! I can’t do this. I’m too natural. If you’re going to split hairs I might as well PISS OFF!”

Kort na het mislukte interview nam Favreau’s agent contact op met de Filmhoek redactie. Hij bood zijn excuses aan namens Favreau en gaf opheldering over zijn reactie op de vragen.

“Jon would like to apologize for losing his temper. He’s been dealing with a lot of pressure lately. After scoring one box office hit after another he can hardly remember his own movies and has no time to prepare for an interview. This morning he took off on a trip to Kenia to rediscover himself. John told me he was seeking the advice of a wise old guru. Will he return one day to finish your interview? Who knows…”

Jon Favreau loopt boos weg bij The Lion King interview 2Sandro Algra