Trailer voor Titanic 20 jarige jubileum vertoningen in Dolby Vision

Trailer voor Titanic 20 jarige jubileum vertoningen in Dolby Vision Dolby Laboratories, Paramount Pictures en AMC Theatres hebben vandaag aangekondigd dat Titanic, winnaar van 11 Academy Awards inclusief Best Picture en Best Director, zal terugkeren in een aantal Amerikaanse Dolby Cinema’s. Ter gelegenheid van het twintig jarig bestaan van de film wordt Paramount Pictures en Twentieth Century Fox’s Titanic in Dolby Vision uitgebracht. Of we de film ook in de Nederlandse bioscopen te zien krijgen is niet bekend, maar hieronder kun je wel de trailer voor de aankondiging bekijken.

[youtube 64IIfxDrhJY]

Dit is de eerste keer dat Titanic in Dolby Vision in 2D en 3D te zien zal zijn. Regisseur James Cameron liet weten:

“We mastered a few minutes of ‘Titanic’ in Dolby Vision and I was stunned. It was like seeing it for the first time. Now that the entire film has been mastered, I’m excited to share it with audiences across the U.S. This is beyond 3D, beyond 70mm, it’s beyond anything you’ve seen before. The image leaps off the screen as bright and vibrant as life itself. This is the way all movies should be seen and without a doubt, ‘Titanic’ has NEVER looked better.”

Doug Darrow, Senior Vice President van Cinema Business Group Dolby Laboratories voegde toe:

“James Cameron shares our vision for creating the world’s best cinematic experiences. Our partnership with James and Paramount Pictures has enabled us to showcase a masterpiece of theater in the most incredible way, leveraging Dolby Vision to breathe new life into one of the most awarded films in the history of cinema. ‘Titanic’ at Dolby Cinema is truly a can’t-miss experience.”

Elizabeth Frank, EVP Global Programming en Chief Content Officer bij AMC liet weten:

“This timeless love story makes the perfect romantic date – or fun night out with friends. Twenty years since it first played in theatres, Titanic in Dolby Cinema at AMC will captivate movie fans like never before.”