Eerste reacties Bond-film SPECTRE

De nieuwe James Bond-film SPECTRE is te zien vanaf 29 oktober. Gisteravond was er een screening voor de pers. Lees hieronder een aantal van de eerste recensies!!

Het Britse The Guardian is erg positief over de film en geeft deze 5 sterren:

Daniel Craig has grown into the role of the British spy with flair and sang-froid and this inventive, intelligent and complex new outing showcases him brilliantly! […] It’s deeply silly but uproariously entertaining. At the end, I almost felt guilty for enjoying it all quite so much – almost.

The Wrap liet het volgende weten.

Daniel Craig may or may not return as James Bond, but this relatively listless installment raises flags that the secret agent may be a dinosaur in the age of drones and Wikileaks. […] “Spectre” is strongest is when it explores the central theme: What is the point of men like Bond in an era where information is power and drones can do his job without racking up an eye-watering bar tab and dry cleaning bill? Is he an outmoded relic of a bygone age? While the character’s relevance may still be subject for debate, the franchise doesn’t do its best work at justifying its continued existence this time around

Dan is daar ITV News.

The film is surprisingly funny, there are quite a few really laugh out loud moments, and Daniel Craig is great in the role again – he seemed to be enjoying himself though why he’d do another Bond film would be beyond me! […] If you are a fan of Bonds of old you will love the many nods to the past, Mendes as promised producing a Bond film that respects the tradition. But …. Is it as good as Skyfall? No, in my opinion, that was always going to be a tall order, fans will love it but I would be surprised if it smashes the box office in the way Skyfall did.

Variety is ook erg positief.

After the more personal exertions of ‘Skyfall,’ this sleek Bond outing gets back to business without breaking a sweat. What’s missing is the unexpected emotional urgency of “Skyfall,” as the film sustains its predecessor’s nostalgia kick with a less sentimental bent. A wealth of iconography — both incidental and integral — from the series’ founding chapters is revived here, making “Spectre” a particular treat for 007 nerds, and a businesslike blast for everyone else. Spectre-cular B.O. awaits, though it remains to be seen whether the “Skyfall” is the limit.

The Playlist schrijft over de film.

But the massive, movie-breaking problem? Story. Plot holes might be forgivable in a Bond movie (even ones of the gaping, you-could-drive-a-truck-through-it size we get here), but they stand out more when you’re mistaking mystery for actual story, with Bond on a quest that jumps from set piece to set piece rather than building up to something more compelling. By the time Waltz enters the game late in the third act (spoiler: he’s giving the same performance he always does), you keep waiting for some kind of unexpected twist, reversal, or even a moment that makes you feel any kind of suspense. But while press has been asked to keep the film’s surprises under wraps ahead of release, the biggest surprise to me, was that there weren’t any. In general, this feels like a film patched together out of endless hastily-drafted script rewrites rather than a cohesive vision.

De recensie van The Hollywood Reporter.

In pure action adventure terms, Spectre delivers the goods, with plenty of revved-up supercar porn and several kinetic high-speed chase sequences on road, river and snowy mountain slope. […] Spectre contains enough dazzle and derring-do to keep the Bond brand afloat, but not enough to make it a game-changing reboot in the manner of Skyfall. Two steps forward, one step back.

In SPECTRE ontvangt Bond een cryptische boodschap uit zijn verleden. Deze stuurt hem op het spoor van een sinistere organisatie. Terwijl M. een strijd levert tegen politieke krachten, om de geheime dienst in leven te houden, weet Bond de lagen van bedrog weg te pellen om de afgrijselijke waarheid achter SPECTRE te onthullen.

SPECTRE wordt geregisseerd door Sam Mendes en heeft verder rollen voor Daniel CraigRalph FiennesMonica BellucciLéa SeydouxNaomie HarrisBen WhishawDave BautistaRory Kinnear, Andrew Scott en Christoph Waltz. De film werd geschreven door John Logan en Neal Purvis & Robert Wade.

De film draait vanaf 29 oktober in de bioscoop, ook in IMAX.