Peter Jackson blogt live op laatste opnamedag The Hobbit

Met een bitterzoet gevoel begint Peter Jackson zijn laatste opnamedag op de set van The Hobbit in Wellington, Nieuw Zeeland. Voor de fans heeft hij een speciale verassing, terwijl hij zijn laatste uren doorbrengt in Middle Earth.

“Ever since starting these blogs, there’s been something I thought I’d like to try one day (as well as answering the other 19 questions I owe you!) – blogging throughout a shoot day in real time. Try to give you all a feeling for what we deal with on an average day. Today is not exactly “average”, given it’s our last day of shooting, but if I don’t do it today, I never will!”

Het eindresultaat kun je bekijken in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug op 13 december 2013 en The Hobbit: There and Back Again op 17 december 2014.

Zijn eerste paar blogs zijn inmiddels te lezen op zijn officiële Facebook-pagina, hieronder vind je een paar verzameld: Peter Jackson.

So here goes … I’ll try to update as much as I can during the day. At least with a quick photo. Text will depend a little on how busy it gets. Right now, it’s just gone 6.30am here in Wellington. I’m in bed, about to get up! I didn’t get much sleep – too stressed about how we’re going to get through everything we need to shoot. I kept running it over in my mind.

We’re shooting scenes for Film 3 today. Stuff you will see in Dec 2014, so I’m going to try and make this honest, but spoiler free.

I’ve been lying here in pitch darkness, watching fight rehearsals over and over again. Our stunt co-ordinatior, Glen Boswell, worked with the actors last weekend, designing some climatic battle moments. He filmed them, and I have them on my iPad, in an application we wrote called “WingNut TV”. It’s a program that allows a huge amount of material to be catalog used and updated each day over the Internet. It contains all our dailies, edited films, previs, music, and much more. I’m looking at the fights, figuring out the angles I’ll need to film them today. A huge amount to do, and it needs to get done.

Our shoot day starts at 8.30am, and is supposed to finish at 7.30pm. I suspect we’ll be working late. Whenever we work a long day, I joke with the crew that I’m just softening them up for when Jim Cameron shows up in Wellington to shoot Avatar 2 and 3. Well … It’s not really a joke.

The Hobbit


Dwalin. 10.30am. Had to race to A Stage to try and explain to Graham and Christian why they were shooting their Dwalin fight against green screen, and not our beautiful expensive set as planned. Graham started sharpening his axe, so I just told them to read my last Facebook posting and I fled. We’ve shot 3 shots on K Stage so far this morning. 2 more to go, and we’re shifting to F Stage. Hopefully before the lunch break! Could be a long night …

The Hobbit


Music spotting with Howard Shore. Midday. We’re shifting from K Stage to F Stage right now, and I took the chance to spot music with Howard Shore. He’s in New York, and busy writing the score for Film 2.

“Spotting” involves talking through edited scenes with Howard, and figuring out everything he needs to do a first pass at the music composition – where music should start and stop, what mood it should have, themes to use, moments to punctuate. That type of thing. To stay on schedule, Howard needs 10 mins of cut footage every week. This week we only have 3 & a half mins for him. Fortunately, he’s very good natured about it. It’s happened once or twice before!

Next week, when I’m back in the cutting room full time, Howard will be getting a deluge! The score for Film 2 is going to be terrific. Last year, we were a little frustrated because we had to revisit so many of the LotR themes – The Shire, Rivendell, Galadriel, Gollum, and the Ring – we did this because I’m wanting these 3 Hobbit movies to have great unity with the Rings films in design, wardrobe, story and music, so it meant “An Unexpected Journey” had to acknowledge what had gone before.

But this time around, apart from a couple of Ring moments, it’s all new: Beorn, Mirkwood, The Woodland Realm, Laketown, Bard and Smaug all give Howard the chance to write brand new themes, and he’s knocking it out of the park! We’ve now finished yesterday’s work, and can start on today’s scenes!Better race back to set before Caro tells me off! More than she already has ….

The Hobbit


Big Richard, Medium Richard and Little Richard. 2.00pm. Just breaking for lunch, with the first shot on F Stage complete. A daunting number to go. I don’t want to think about it, but it’s probably 7 or 8 set-ups. Splinter Unit have made the move to K Stage and will start shooting after lunch.

I asked the various Thorins to pose just before they headed off to lunch. One of these is Richard Armitage, and two of them are not. It’s your guess … The one in the middle is a little psycho. I am looking forward to making movies with everyone the same height in the future.


Goodbye Dwalin! The very lovely Graham McTavish just competed his last shot with honours. Main Unit and Splinter are running neck and neck. Each with 4 shots left. It’s going to be another 3 hours or so. Which ever unit finishes first gets to drink all the beer.

The Hobbit


Na een succesvolle doortocht over en onder de Mistige Bergen, moeten Thorin en zijn gezelschap beroep doen op een machtige vreemdeling vooraleer ze de gevaren van Demsterwold kunnen trotseren – zonder hun tovenaar. Als ze Meerstad bereiken zal de hobbit Bilbo Balings zijn afspraak met de Dwergen moeten nakomen. Het gezelschap moet de reis naar de Eenzame Berg voltooien en Balings moet de Geheime Deur zoeken die hem toegang verleent tot de schat van de draak Smaug. En waar is Gandalf heen? En wat is zijn geheime zaak in het Zuiden?

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug wordt geregisseerd door Peter Jackson. In de film zijn er rollen voor Ian McKellenMartin FreemanRichard Armitage, Benedict CumberbatchEvangeline LillyLee Pace, Orlando BloomCate BlanchettSylvester McCoyLuke Evans en Stephen Fry. Het scenario is geschreven door Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh, Philippa Boyens en Guillermo del Toro. De film draait vanaf 11 december 2013 in de Nederlandse bioscopen (in 3D, 2D en IMAX).